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Basil Purple Ruffles

Experience the beauty, fragrance and taste of the basil purple ruffles herb in the garden and your favorite recipes.

Continue reading "Basil Purple Ruffles"

Basil Pesto Recipe

This basil pesto recipe is the classic one. Once you know how to make pesto, you can vary this recipe to suit your taste.

Continue reading "Basil Pesto Recipe"

Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies: Part 2 of the Interview with Dr. James Gei

Part 2 of the interview with James Geiger, MD around online herbal remedies advice and alternative medicine herbal remedies.

Continue reading "Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies: Part 2 of the Interview with Dr. James Gei"

Red Rubin Basil

The beauty and intensity of Red Rubin Basil are sure to be the perfect addition to your herb garden.

Continue reading "Red Rubin Basil"

Basic Herb Garden

A basic herb garden would not be complete without basil. If you are growing an herb garden, get gardening tips here.

Continue reading "Basic Herb Garden"

Pesto Chicken with Basil Cream

Pesto chicken with basil cream is a divinely delicious meal that is impressive but easy to prepare. It is perfect for entertaining.

Continue reading "Pesto Chicken with Basil Cream"

Tomato Basil Hamburgers with Mushrooms

Tomato basil hamburgers with mushrooms is a great summertime grill treat.

Continue reading "Tomato Basil Hamburgers with Mushrooms"

Breezy Summer Pasta

Breezy Summer Pasta takes the ho-hum out of summer and adds a little excitement. Recipe from Mr. Food.

Continue reading "Breezy Summer Pasta"

Basil Butter Recipe

This basil butter recipe is so easy, versatile and delicious that you should always have at least on hand.

Continue reading "Basil Butter Recipe"

Indoor Herb Gardens

There is nothing like having access to indoor herb gardens filled with fresh herbs right when you need them.

Continue reading "Indoor Herb Gardens"

Anti Aging Beauty Products

It's natural to start considering various anti aging beauty products when you start seeing those wrinkles and fine lines creeping in.

Continue reading "Anti Aging Beauty Products "

African Blue Basil, a Unique Cross Between African Basil and Opal Basil

African Blue Basil is a beautiful bushy plant with fuzzy leaves and light purple flowers. If you want to start growing basil, this variety is sure to please.

Continue reading "African Blue Basil, a Unique Cross Between African Basil and Opal Basil"

Rayhan Istanbul (Istanbul Basil)

When I was a small boy, I used to plant various ornamental annual flowers and herbs. One of my favorite herbs was Joseph's Coat ( Alternanthera ficoidea

Continue reading "Rayhan Istanbul (Istanbul Basil)"

Starting a Herb Garden? Try Basil

If youíre a beginner gardener, basil should be at the top of your list as your starter plant. Like tomatoes, they grow fast and you can harvest all season

Continue reading "Starting a Herb Garden? Try Basil "

African Blue Basil attracts butterflies

The African Blue Basil that I grew last year was spectacular. It was the eye-catcher of the garden. Very low-maintenance and bloomed all summer long.

Continue reading "African Blue Basil attracts butterflies"

Basil Plants

Learn how to choose the best basil plants whether you want a basic herb garden or herbs for cooking.

Continue reading "Basil Plants"

How to Start Basil Seeds

Starting basil seeds over winter is easy and economical. Growing basil from seed gives you more plants for less money.

Continue reading "How to Start Basil Seeds"

Cooking with Fresh Herbs

Healthy cooking with fresh herbs adds an incredible amount of flavor to your dishes.

Continue reading "Cooking with Fresh Herbs"

Basil Pasta Recipe - Linguine with Tomatoes and Basil Cream Sauce

This basil pasta recipe combines whole sweet cherry tomatoes and a decadent basil cream sauce for a mouth-watering meal you won't soon forget.

Continue reading "Basil Pasta Recipe - Linguine with Tomatoes and Basil Cream Sauce"

Chocolate Brie Puffs

Chocolate Brie Puffs is a wonderfully simple and unusual appetizer recipe using basil.

Continue reading "Chocolate Brie Puffs"

Fresh Tomato Basil Soup

This fresh tomato basil soup will allow you to enjoy the bounties of your garden all year long.

Continue reading "Fresh Tomato Basil Soup"

Planting Basil 101

Planting basil is easy and enjoyable. Learn how to plant basil anywhere and use it everywhere.

Continue reading "Planting Basil 101"

Garden Supplies Centre: Discount Garden Supplies and More

The Garden Supplies Centre has all of your gardening needs.

Continue reading "Garden Supplies Centre: Discount Garden Supplies and More"

Pasta Blend

This homemade pasta blend recipe creates a delicious herb and spice blend perfect for use as a pasta topping.

Continue reading "Pasta Blend"

Tomato Brie Pasta

Tomato Brie Pasta: A crowd pleaser for all ages. Simple enough for the kids, but sophisticated enough for the adults. Another Mr. Food recipe.

Continue reading "Tomato Brie Pasta"

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