All About Growing Basil

Fall in love with growing basil, including DIY tips for gardening and growing herbs to enjoy in your every day cooking.

Learning how to grow basil really is quite simple and, since the benefits far outweigh the effort that it takes to grow this herb, I highly recommend adding some to your garden. There is nothing quite like growing herbs and taking them straight from your garden and into your kitchen. Knowing how to grow herbs will help you add fresh, homegrown flavor to all of the meals you prepare.

Basil can grow as a perennial in warmer climates but since it is so susceptible to frost in cold weather, it is tagged as an annual and should not be planted or brought outdoors until well after the last chance of frost. Ideally, the temperature should not fall below 50 degrees after you have planted your basil.

Basil likes rich, moist, well-drained soil and full sun, although most varieties will tolerate partial shade. Basil takes very well to compost or manure mixed into the planting soil. It is also a good idea to add a nice layer of mulch after planting to keep the soil moist and warm and to discourage weeds. Do not add your mulch until the soil has had a chance to get warm from the sun. This will give the roots of your plant a chance to get the heat that they need and then trap in that warmth with your mulch.

Growing basil is not limited to herb gardening. Since all varieties produce a beautiful display of flowers if left unpinched, you can easily add some basil to your flower garden for a splash of green and a wonderful scent. You can also add some basil sprigs to your cut flower arrangements to bring some of that wonderful aroma indoors.

In a vegetable garden, basil is a perfect companion plant for bell peppers and tomatoes. If planted near these vegetables, it will help to enhance their growth.

Basil is also an incredibly versatile herb that can be easily grown and enjoyed no matter how much or little space you have, indoors or out. Here you will find DIY tips for gardening no matter how you are planning to grow your basil.

basil seeds

Basil Seeds

Learn how to start basil seeds over winter so they will be ready for planting as soon as the weather warms up.

Click here to read more.

planting basil

Planting Basil

Planting basil in the spring will add beauty and fragrance to your garden and give you plenty of home grown herbs to use all throughout the year.

Click here to read more.

care for basil plant

Care for Basil Plant

Learn the best ways to care for your basil plant to keep healthy, fresh leaves available all throughout the season.

Click here to read more.

harvesting basil

Harvesting Basil

Learn techniques for harvesting basil leaves whether you want to use them now or preserve them for later.

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basic herb garden

Basic Herb Garden

Growing basil is so easy and it is such a versatile herb that it is a perfect addition to your basic herb garden.

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indoor herb garden

Indoor Herb Garden

No space outside? No problem. Growing basil is just as easy indoors. Learn how to start an indoor herb garden.

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container herb garden

Container Herb Garden

Basil grows very well in a container. If you are not able to plant a garden in the ground, learn how to create a container herb garden.

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hydroponic garden

Hydroponic Herb Garden

Growing herbs in a hydroponic herb garden is neat, easy and efficient. Learn how to create one in your home.

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kitchen herb garden

Kitchen Herb Garden

Since basil is so versatile, sweet and delicious, it is the perfect herb to add to your kitchen herb garden.

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window herb garden

Window Herb Garden

Even if your indoor space is limited, you can still grow basil by creating a simple window herb garden. Find out how.

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organic gardening tips

Organic Gardening Tips

Learn how you can grow beautiful, bountiful basil without any harmful chemicals with these organic gardening tips.

Click here to read more.

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