Cooking With Basil

In this section of, you will learn about cooking with basil, using basil in your favorite recipes, and the easiest methods to preserve your basil. Whether you grow your own basil or buy it from the local grocery store, there are many ways to make it last and get the most bang for your buck in addition to adding an interesting twist to all of your meals.

When you are using herbs for cooking it is important to know the difference between using fresh herbs and using dried herbs and how it will affect your recipe. There are many benefits to using herbs in cooking, including added flavor, color and nutritional value. Once you know the basics there will be nothing stopping you from jazzing up all of your favorite recipes, whether it be a salad, a meat or fish dish, or even a dessert.

Since basil is one of the most versatile herbs, learning to cook with it and preserve it will definitely expand your culinary horizons.

cooking with fresh herbs

Cooking With Fresh Herbs

There is nothing quite like cooking with fresh herbs and using basil fresh from the garden is no exception. Learn about cooking with fresh basil.
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basil chiffonade

Basil Chiffonade

Learn the most popular way to cut fresh basil and how to use this standard cutting method as a basis for any cutting method your recipe may call for.
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dry basil

Dry Basil

Learn how to cook with dry basil, including how to substitute dry when your recipe calls for fresh.
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drying basil

Drying Basil

Drying basil is a great way to preserve your fresh basil for later use. Learn how to do it yourself.
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freezing basil

Freezing Basil

Freezing basil is another great method for preserving basil. Find out the different ways that you can freeze your fresh basil and extend its life.
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